A Reading And Celebration Of My Novel The Piano Teacher   2 comments

On Friday October 9 at 7:00 PM Stickland 2015on the second floor of the Le Forte Centre at St. Mary’s University, located in Fish Creek Park in south Calgary, I will be reading from my novel The Piano Teacher. To bring some musical artistry to the even, my friend Morag Northey will be helping me out. Morag is one of the finest cellists in the land. We first worked together on my play Queen Lear, for which she created a musical score and performed every night in the original production of the play.

I’ve been involved with St. Mary’s in one way or another since 2005 when we took a small production of my play Closer and Closer Apart  there one winter’s evening. I loved the “boutique” nature of the place — a small (but ever-growing) student population, small class sizes, excellent faculty.  In my mind it offers a liberal arts education the way it’s meant to be done and I’ve been proud to be associated with the place these last 10 years.

So, if you want to check St. Mary’s out — it’s a beautiful campus off of Bannister Road near Fish Creek — and you would like a signed copy of my novel, and even the chance to hear me read from it, and of course hear Morag as well, please come by Friday evening.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Hi Eugene,

    I am sure you don’t remember me, but we did meet once at an F2 event where I was doing a live painting. It was a couple (if not more) years ago. I follow your blog and attend a launch event for some poetry books I believe you helped publish at the time. That was a few years ago too. Lets just pretend we haven’t aged.

    I just wanted to pick your brain if you are open to that. Please feel free to tell me to bugger off. I have been an artist with Motion Gallery for a couple of years now. It is a great group of artists all very poor and struggling but we have a great venue in Eau Clare. We haven’t done a great job of telling our story to Calgarians, and as I am sure you are aware Eau Claire will vanish in the next couple of years and our space will vanish.

    I am not asking for money. We are trying to build our brand if that makes sense and hopefully get our story out to the arts community and hopefully build a good reputation. I have begun to take on that task. I was wondering if you had anyone you felt could help us (assuming you want to) we are a not for profit, and we suck at business. We have vowed to evolve – if we fail it will mean our eventual end. We are really focused on selling the work of emerging artists and we have a waiting list of new artists that want to join, but we do not currently have room to expand.

    I am just reaching out to someone I have come to know cares about art very deeply. I do not want to impose, but if you have any advice we are very willing to listen ( people to meet, groups, perils to avoid, etc). We hope to have an event soon and I will happily send you an invite if you have any interest.

    Regardless I am a fan and a supporter. I haven’t had a chance to get your new book, but I very much look forward to it. I love to support local artists and your work is not bound by location. You are a great writer. We know this is not an easy road, but we are a group of caring individuals trying to help artists succeed.

    Appreciate your time,

    Joseph Ross.

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