Photographs of me   3 comments

Here are some recent and not so recent photographs of me.

Photo credit: Kenneth Locke








Photo Credit: Jude Dillon























Photo Credit: Johanna Stickland


















Posted August 25, 2012 by Eugene Stickland

3 responses to “Photographs of me

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  1. Hi Eugene,
    Sent you an email with loads of questions!! Great to hear from you. Nicky

  2. Hi my name is Nicky Mercer second cousin to Roger Scott. My gran was Winifred Stickland so would love to know more about the Canadian side of the family. My son was in Jasper for four months this year at ski school and had a great time. We were last over to see Roger in 2004 but hope to come back sometime soon. You are a very interesting read!
    Bye for now.

    • Hi Nicky,

      Well I guess we are second cousins twice removed or however that goes. We should email, as I think you would enjoy talking to my brother, Tom, and cousin James about family history. I met Aunty Winny many years ago in her house in Bexhill. I assume we’re talking about the same old girl. Anyway, my email is Drop me a line sometime, and thanks for looking at the Blog.


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