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Some of my plays . . . .


In this section I am writing brief descriptions of my plays. I believe I have had 18 produced plays, so it’s taking me a bit of time to get it all done. A good activity for cloudy Sunday afternoons.

Some of the plays are published, others are not. Some of them I have as files on my computer, others I do not.

If any of them interest you, I will do what I can to get you a copy.

This is an overview of the pages you will one day be able to click on and read more about, from latest to earliest:

1. Those White Things in the Ocean (Currently unproduced but we’re hoping to change that before long.)

2. Queen Lear

3. Writer’s Block

4. Closer and Closer Apart (One Act and Full Length Versions)

5. All Clear

6. Midlife

7. Appetite

8. Excavations

9. Yard Sale. (One Act)

10. A Guide to Mourning

11. Sitting on Paradise

12. Some Assembly Required. (Also in French translation as Noel de Force.)

13. The Hen House

14, Cocktales. (Script Editor and Contributor)

15. Quartet

16. darkness of the edge of town

17. The Family

Posted January 29, 2012 by Eugene Stickland

6 responses to “Plays

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  1. How would I be able to order a copy of “Some Assemby Required” ? Is it still possible to perform this?

  2. I need a copy of Darkness on the edge of town. How would I be able to get my hands on it? Any help is appreciated thank you

  3. Eugene. It is Johnny Williamson. I did your posters when you where with ACT IV, namely for ‘QUARTET’ I wish to say how much I enjoyed and admired you for your art. I have kept with my art as well, I build custom motorcycles. my w/site is

    • Hi Johnny,
      Damn, that’s going back a few years! Thanks so much for remembering me and your comment. That was always one of my favourite posters though we got shit from the politically correct crowd. Oh well, at least people noticed! I’ll check out your website. Thanks for letting me know about it. Take care,

  4. Maybe this isn’t the correct venue for this, but I have exhausted other options. I have been searching for a way to obtain performance rights for A Guide to Mourning; how do I go about doing this?

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