I’m Back!   4 comments

Hello friends. Welcome back to my blog which I have shamefully ignored for a few years now. I’m having a hell of a time remembering how you even create a post, although so far, so good I guess if you are reading this.

If this works — ie, if I am able to post even these few feeble paragraphs — I will return and write something more meaningful in the next few days. Maybe even an excerpt from the novel I have been working on.

I may even try to add a photo just for the hell of it.

For now, this is just me coming back to life.

Thanks for reading!

Posted December 8, 2021 by Eugene Stickland in Uncategorized

4 responses to “I’m Back!

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  1. I was just talking to a friend about you yesterday! So good to see you writing again, I always used to look forward to your blog, and everything you wrote.

  2. Hi! Hope you are well.

    Silvana Waddington
  3. Thanks for the update Eugene. I moved back to Toronto several years ago but I made some very good friends in my thirty three years in Calgary and I am still in touch with several of them. Under normal circumstances I am back there at least once a year but of course with the current situation I have not been back for a couple of years. It is always nice to hear about the city where I lived for so long. Keep posting.

    Terry Clark.

  4. Good to see some words from you. More would be great. Thanks Gord Vogt

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