March Madness, or Madness in March, or I Don’t know . . .   2 comments



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2 responses to “March Madness, or Madness in March, or I Don’t know . . .

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  1. March madness indeed. I want some WARMTH, some SUN, an AGREEMENT with Mother Nature that she will be kind to us again.

    Re-read the “Elusive Chucks” blog… still makes me smile/giggle… that would have been some day for sure!!

  2. Hello Eugene, thanks for a lovely read. It brought thoughts to mind for me from when I was a child with March as my birthday month. We learned in school that March comes in as a Lion and leaves as a Lamb. I always wanted sunshine for my birthday, wanting the warm weather to grace us with its presence sooner than later! As an adult I now know that saying refers to the constellations and March beginning with Leo the Lion and Aries the Ram ending it. Funny how I want to choose the childhood version and the warm fuzzy feelings that I envision when I think of a sweet lamb. Here’s hoping for some warmth and sunshine to stay…ahhhh Spring 🙂

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