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Morag Northey is offering a gift of cello and voice meditations to the citizens of this city. I witnessed her today at Memorial Park Library, but if you wish to experience her performance you will need to go to St. Mary’s Cathedral, Mondays at noon, until the end of April. I started out with my notebook and pen in hand, but after not too long I went into some kind of trance. What follows is a transcription of the notes I made and I have included a photo of my notebook at the end of this post. Thanks for reading . . . .


Morag is beautiful beyond reason

Full of such beautiful music and we are lucky enough to sit quietly by

And hear what spills out

Would you believe the skill involved

To make something seem so simple and effortless?

The clock on the wall says high noon

A faint gong sounds

And suddenly we are on

Like monks in a temple in the mountains

Wearing robes and all that monkish madness

Morag plays

In fours, one note

Then dropping a fifth

An open stringed chord

Then dropping an octave

As she sings above the strings

An ancient tune that is at once new

Yet has always been sung in just this way

Just this way as it is now

(And then I seem to slip into some kind of trance)

We are in a marketplace

In an antique land

The water lapping against the shore of a river before god

A call to vespers

Bearded figures crossing a courtyard

Garments rustling

Bare feet pounding into the dirt

As the light fades from the sky

And a wind blows, fragrant

Who dares to live outside the enclosure of time?

And steam rises from the river

Back in the early reaches of time

Before the spirit of time was broken

There is no greater purpose

Beyond the emptiness of this moment

(Last time I checked I was a child

Now I seem to be an elder of the tribe)

And after the chimes have sounded

An end to this, for now

Morag hugs me and says

“The hardest thing is to take your ego out of it.”

For what is left

Is what is left

That’s all.

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  1. Eugene – your poetry, words weaving through the space we carved out and allowed happen – I am touched. It is gratifying to feel us all flying through that magical moment – what a gift! Thank you for being there, it was a beautiful journey…
    with Love, appreciation, and thankfulness, Morag!

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